PeaceHealth’s renewed commitment to the community

Medical Center’s resolution for the new year is a renewal of commitment to always provide great care

As the new chief executive of PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, I have been inspired by this community and the dedicated caregivers who work tirelessly to uphold our mission. For more than 150 years, PeaceHealth Southwest has maintained an unwavering commitment to serving this community, in times of health and in times of need.

With this heritage comes responsibility, and our resolution for the new year is a renewal of our commitment to always provide the clinical excellence and compassionate care that you, our Clark County patients and families, expect and deserve. During this season of thanks, it is with gratitude and privilege that I, and our more than 3,000 caregivers, commit to carry this proud heritage into an even brighter future.

We know Clark County has a choice when it comes to healthcare, and we are humbled and honored when you choose us for care. As an organization dedicated to continuous improvement, we strive and promise to work even smarter and harder to deliver on what our community deserves —consistent, reliable, high quality healthcare for every patient who comes through our doors.

Some recent public healthcare quality reports shined a light on areas where we have fallen short in the past. The data used to determine our scores dated back one to three years, and revealed that some of our safety and quality metrics were below our standards. You deserve better, and with confidence, I can say that today you are receiving better.

Prior to these reports, we aggressively addressed our quality metrics and have made significant, measurable progress over the past year. In fact, the risk of complex post-surgery infection has dropped by 50 percent, falls have decreased by 21 percent and pressure injuries (bed sores) are down by 46 percent. While today’s data paints a different picture, it is not good enough. Our community deserves 100 percent perfect care, period. And we have and will continue to make significant changes to ensure that 100 percent perfect care is delivered every day.

I am honored to work alongside highly skilled and dedicated professionals who take immense pride in coming to work each day with a calling and commitment to serve our patients. Last month alone we saw more than 6,000 patients in our Emergency Department, delivered 180 babies and conducted 1,055 surgeries. We have top notch surgeons and physicians and highly skilled nurses, technicians and critical staff who ensure the hospital is operational 24 hours a day, every day. As your fellow community members, we are fully committed to providing absolute safe, high quality care that each of us would want and expect for our own loved ones.

Your trust in us matters. You have my commitment that every day we will work to continually improve our care and services. While it will take some time for our quality metrics of today to catch up with the lagging data that is reported in the publicly released health and safety reports, we assure you that the quality of healthcare we are delivering today is the quality this community expects and deserves.