How does your business and vision define success?

Understand your own definition of success and change your behavior as needed. It may not be easy

What is unique about you, your vision and your business goal? Does your work produce results that measure what you believe in, and is it something you can describe in two sentences and leave people wanting more?

Profitability is qualitative in your business development; measuring results in every department with equal strength can be your biggest challenge. When the entrepreneur knows how to manage, predict and reward the progress, the outcome is worth working for.

If you ask other business professionals their thoughts on success most will tell you the same thing, hire smart people who know what they’re doing, guide them with good communication and believe in their potential that aligns with your long-term goals.

Is there a ‘perfect’ business story?

Every person in business has a different opinion, some are similar, some are more abstract, however, when the answer comes from something about individual passion and what makes them “love what they do” you’ll find a good answer.

Making an impact includes developing innovative standards that become exemplary for everyone from the top down, integrated with like-minded talent and flexibility.

When employees are recognized for their different capabilities their work becomes more than what they are told to do; it becomes an exploration into which they are and how they express themselves in a more inclusive company culture.

There is NO perfect,it is only good enough

We often hear from our friends how their company hasn’t improved their employee relationships for years or the new rules are so out of touch with the work requirements, an uncomfortable gap fills the emptiness and most just work around it.

For some who work at a company for a long time and the entrepreneurial excitement has died down the reasons may be; the vision stopped being the guide and/or the market demands shifted, often the company just expects everyone to work harder.

Management and most of the employees don’t have enough time to relax and let go of the mental pressure. The difficulty to switch between personal and professional brain energy is overwhelming; many can’t handle it like they used to and new problems develop.

We need each other

When you know how to build your own rules to shield your vulnerability, strengthen self-assurance and relax, we can let go of the mental pressure and overcome most business obstacles.

We have a choice to become more effective team players when we improve our cognitive learning skills which in-turn builds better character. This reflects in our relationships within and with others.

It is easier to see a clear career objective when we feel assured that we made the right choices in our lives and know we are working in the right company with a culture that defines what problems are worth solving while keeping the vision on track.

In conclusion

Winning is going beyond our own barriers; when it is profitable we realize how we are in control of our capabilities and that we benefit generously from developing relationships that are designed to work.

A successful entrepreneur knows we need each other to reflect our greatest idea, this professional maturity realizes change is a constant and with a team of like-minded professionals the outcome makes the best impact possible.

Understand your own definition of success and change your behavior as needed. It may not be easy; however, you will be rewarded for your effort. The true measure is the value you retain and model for others.

Ghaile Windeck, M.A., is a personal performance coach who provides executive coaching for professionals of all ages in Clark County. She can be reached at Visit: for more details.