Signage is your brand’s best friend

Signage is crucial to establishing identity (brand) and to attract customers to your business

Wall sign
Jennifer Pinder

It’s an exciting time to be in business, especially in Vancouver. As the region continues to grow, more and more companies are taking root and sprouting here. A population boom and enticing economic incentives make doing business in Washington state as invigorating as the natural wonders that draw people here in the first place.

Look in just about any direction and you’ll see progress, including huge swaths of new housing, new schools and the Vancouver Waterfront Development project. And as Vancouver and Clark County continue to grow, so does the market for goods and services. For those of us who run our own businesses, this presents a tremendous opportunity — as well as a challenge: How best to stand out in Vancouver’s vibrant and crowded marketplace?

At NW Sign Solutions, we’re in the branding business. Every day, businesses come to us seeking ways to stay innovative in the world of marketing and strategic communications. As we see it, business signage is a tried-and-true solution, and a necessary component of any marketing plan.

On walls, buildings, posts or vehicles, signs are everywhere. Imagine if they weren’t, and it’s easy to understand how much we rely on signs to go about our daily lives.

Easy to understand, also, is that for businesses, signage is crucial to establishing identity (brand) and to attract customers. Effective, consistent branding will differentiate your company from your competition and will serve as the foundation for your marketing efforts. From the outside of your building, to your door, to your lobby and even on your vehicle, signs can reflect your company’s values and culture. For businesses with limited marketing dollars, signs are a cost-effective way to weave in your brand in very tangible ways.

Can people find you from the street?

Good signage helps customers to find your business. For example, pole signs and pylon signs stand high and will attract drivers from the road. Monument signs will also draw attention to your business from the street.

Does your storefront tell passersby who you are, what you do and your hours?

We all know how important first impressions are. Exterior building signs provide a great first impression and help customers to identify your location. Options include electrical signage, dimensional letters and wall signs.

Window graphics on your storefront are a low-cost branding solution that can provide information such as hours, key employees, services and methods of payment accepted. The options are endless, allowing you to decorate your storefront with logos, text, imagery, labels and colors of all shades. They can be switched out seasonally or swapped out for promotions and specials as they arise.

Is your lobby signage inviting?

You can make your customers feel welcome with good lobby signage that reflects the culture and personality of your business. Wall murals, directional signs, lighted signs, photo canvases – all are great ways to make your lobby or reception area a memorable, welcoming location.

What about other types of signage?

Many businesses use frosted vinyl to provide privacy on conference room windows. Nonprofit organizations install donor boards in creative ways. Reclaimed materials such as wood, glass, slate and bricks make amazing signs. Banners or table runners are effective for special events or trade shows.

Does your company vehicle have signage so that you can take your brand everywhere?

Your company vehicle can be your hardest working “employee.” Vehicle wraps and graphics will promote your business 24/7, 365 days per year. This guarantees getting your business in front of potential customers everywhere you drive or park. From simple, single-color lettering to multi-color full wraps, vehicle graphics are flexible and easily changed to promote special or seasonal events.

Businesses can create signage that is interesting, engaging and entertaining. But, no matter what design or type of signage your company decides to use, it is crucial that it ties in to all your marketing pieces, including your brochures, business cards, apparel, etc. A smart marketing plan communicates your brand with an authentic and consistent voice and, when applied to signage, it allows your business to send the right message at the right time, such as when potential customers are ready to take action on a purchasing decision. Every business can stand out and get noticed with good business signage.

Jennifer Pinder is the owner of NW Sign Solutions. She can be reached at 360-696-4033 or via email at