Assimilate your life experience in balance with education

How did your knowledge and personal experience realistically prepare you for what you’re doing today?

Higher education is a foundation of our society to advance one’s knowledge about the world we live in. Where you go to school and what graduate level you achieve may be the only way you can attain your career choice. However, your life experience will affect your measure of success.

Life education, learning a business or a trade passed down from your family heritage, is the backbone of some of the most innovative companies in America. Building businesses today in this manner continues to be significant.

Technical training in the new workforce is challenging and can provide an excellent opportunity for many who want to keep life experiences and education in balance. Entrepreneurism is at the heart of creative decision making. Each person has an opportunity to decide what works for them.

What is your story?

Who are you?

This is a very important question. As a child, you accomplished many things you have forgotten or barely remember. Growing up you tried things and made a few (many) mistakes or not. Getting through high school might have been easy or a miracle.

What counts is your experience and what you realize about yourself. Can you identify your talents and skills, or have you become so exhausted with your own day to day schedule that you function primarily because of the paycheck?

Is your day filled with tremendous pressure, deadlines and responsibilities where you know your intelligence is working but have to be careful about what you say and do, making sure you fulfill the required image?

Are you happy with your job but something is missing and you don’t know what or why?
Your life experience supports your knowledge; education hopefully enhances your talent and innate skills. Your personal values are your foundation and your creative identity is longing to be expressed.

Review your life accomplishments

As a professional coach, I specialize in exploring a person’s life story and identifying what experiences have defined their self image. Confidence building continues throughout our lives and we need to be reassured from time to time.

Everyone has a story, some have experienced pain and disappointments, others have been luckier and are grateful for loving parents, good friends and excellent teachers.

Sometimes we shelve our expertise simply because no one asked for it. You are the one who needs to start a dialogue; there are many possibilities to a future you are not aware of.

Even people who have made it to the top have been surprised about the accomplishments they actualized in their career.

Look back on your achievements; how did they strengthen your character, inspire your dreams and create goals? Don’t settle for boring and “I’m not good enough.”

In order to assimilate your education with your life experience, you must want to be your own success. What this looks like can be the best story ever told.

How to begin

  • Who are you now?
  • What is important to you and why?
  • Do you understand how you are not “everyone?”

You can change your whole self and reintroduce the accomplishments of your past and work toward a new experience of your life education. It is a benefit to know what you can do ahead of your progress.

A good coach with knowledge and experience will tell you the truth. They listen and guide you with your success in mind using realistic dialogue and clear information. Your goals are worth your effort, you will have to work at it while learning to accept the rewards.

Ghaile Windeck, MA, is an international coaching specialist. She provides services for Advantage Learning Solutions, LLC, in Vancouver, and other private companies. She can be reached at (503) 754-4151 or