Resiliency, perseverance and your investments

Although immediate challenges remain, there are reasons to remain hopeful

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Matt Ebeling
MATT EBELING Fort Vancouver Investment Management

The unprecedented events rapidly unfolding due to COVID-19 have been surreal. As I pen these thoughts over the last weekend in March 2020, the immediate challenges remain vast. But here is why I remain hopeful.

Hopeful because humans have a propensity of coming together when the battle rages on. (Thank you to EVERY single one of those on the frontlines everywhere!) Hopeful because human ingenuity thrives universally when we are faced with unprecedented challenges. Hopeful because humans continually pursue innovations with vigor. Hopeful because generosity is contagious, and it is spreading rapidly!

Take a moment and reflect on our long history of overcoming enormous challenges together and then consider, why would this time be any different?

You may be thinking: “Matt, that all sounds warm and fuzzy, but the balance in my investment account doesn’t give me much hope right now. The violent swings in the stock market scare me a lot!”

To that I say, I feel the same way. Even financial advisers think those thoughts and feel those emotions – just ask my wife. My nearly 20 years advising clients and now three bear market experiences keep me humble. But let us remember, these periods also demonstrated the market’s resiliency as new record highs were achieved.

While the road ahead in the weeks to follow will be filled with many twists and turns, let us have faith that our resiliency and perseverance will shine bright.

Matt Ebeling, CFP, is an investment adviser, with Fort Vancouver Investment Management, LLC. He can be reached at

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