Sherri Falkner

Current job: Regional services officer at Heritage Bank

Proudest professional moment: Wow! I’ve had so many. I would honestly have to say working with an incredible mentor, boss, co-worker and friend for the past 12+ years. He never hesitates giving you the freedom to grow and always is there to listen. He is simply the best.

First job: I worked in the children’s ward of the Oregon State Hospital, which was the place people took their children who were mentally and physically handicapped. I was 14 years old. Growing up in Pendleton, Oregon, if you saw the ‘green bus’ you knew what kind of people were on it. And, as part of my summer internship there, I had to ride the green bus with all of the children and I used to sink way down in my seat because I didn’t want to spotted. At that age, it was so embarrassing. As an adult, I would proudly yell and wave out the window to people I know!

Fun fact: In 1989, I went to Seattle with some coworkers for a weekend getaway and went to a bar called Celebrities. As I was waiting at the bar to get a drink, this very tall, very handsome African American man started talking to me. My co-workers were sitting in the balcony and were making all kinds of hand gestures at me and I kept ignoring them. When I finally went back upstairs, they were like “Do you KNOW who you were talking to?” I didn’t know actually, other than he was very nice and good looking. They finally said, “That was Michael Jordan!” I was like, “Who’s Michael Jordan?” Unfortunately, I’m still that way today. I wouldn’t know a well-known athlete if he walked up to me in Tommy O’s.

Favorite spot on a Saturday night: Sitting on my couch watching a movie or reading a good book. Neither of these happen very often; a girl can dream right?

Favorite movie: Do I have to pick one? This time of year it’s “Elf.” Otherwise, it’s “Bridesmaids,” “Phantom of the Opera,” “Mama Mia,” “Silence of the Lambs,” “The Shawshank Redemption,” “Alien” and many more!

Music of choice: Almost anything KINK plays!

Favorite place to eat: Blind Onion and Thai Orchid!

Motto/Inspirational quote: It Is What It Is