Waterfront project will provide residential space

Vancouver’s 323,693-square-foot Block 8 will offer mix of studio, one and two-bedroom apartments

Block 8
Courtesy LSW Architects

Restaurants, hotels, walking trails and shopping will bring people to visit The Vancouver Waterfront project, but it is the residential space that will allow some to call it home.

A large part of that reality is Block 8, a 323,693-square-foot building that will prominently offer a mix of studio, one and two-bedroom apartments. It is the vision of owner and local real estate investor, Steve Oliva, who has been listed as one of the private investors on The Waterfront project since its inception.

Project Manager Josh Oliva shared that the final count is 205 apartments with a completion date of January 2019. Contributing to parking plans, Block 8 will also offer 216 on-site structured parking spaces located in the basement, ground level and second story. Spreading parking over three floors allows greater tenant access throughout the seven-story structure.

Josh also confirmed that Block 8 is anticipated LEED Gold, the second highest Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification available. To accomplish this, a commitment to reducing waste and maximizing eco-friendly options in planning, building and ongoing operations of the structure was made from the outset. Details such as low-VOC emitting carpets, low-flow water systems and an emphasis on plenty of natural light were a given.

As Josh stated, much of that natural light is in the form of capturing views of Mt. Hood to the east and the bordering Columbia River to the south through large windows framed by the building’s brick exterior.

In addition to the planned state-of-the-art waterfront park, accessed out the front door of this multi-unit residential space, Block 8 will have its own landscaped courtyard located on the third level.

“The third floor club room will be a nice amenity during the day by providing residents who work from home with a nice place to work as well as in the evenings as it becomes a gathering place for residents and guests enjoying the view of the river while hanging out by the bocce court, fire tables and outdoor barbecues,” Josh said.

Another amenity for both residents of Block 8 and those throughout the Greater Vancouver/Portland area will be 21,000 square feet of ground floor retail space. The Olivas are in talks with several prospective tenants but not at liberty to divulge signed leases just yet.