The benefits of hiring a professional remodeler

Before you start a project big or small, consider finding and hiring a professional remodeler

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May is National Remodeling Month and after spending more time at home over the past year, you may be ready to give your dwelling a refresh. A remodel can modernize your home and add more value. Before you start a project big or small, consider finding and hiring a professional remodeler. Working with an expert has many benefits – a remodeler can provide a wealth of experience, professional integrity and solve any design challenges you may encounter during your project. Plus, professional remodelers take the stress out of remodeling projects.

Dave Myllymaki

Experience Matters

Do you know what to expect when you remove a wall? Is the wall load bearing? How will you dispose of the old materials? Exactly how much new material are you going to need? What is the precise sequence of steps to finish the job? Professional remodelers understand all the intricacies of the project and can provide you with a project timeline. Plus, many contractors have specialized knowledge and contacts to get the best prices on materials and labor. As a trained expert, a remodeler has a firm grasp of the requirements to meet city ordinances, regulations and permits … all of which save you time, money and frustration.

Business Management and Integrity

A large component of being a professional remodeler is maintaining a reputable business. This includes being licensed, bonded and insured, integrating best practices, staying current with design and application standards, and writing clear contracts. A professional remodeler should be able to provide you with a copy of their business license, as well as show proof of their workers’ compensation and liability insurance. All these items protect you from liability in situations involving jobsite injuries or property damage resulting from the work being done on your home. Additionally, remodelers committed to integrity and continually bettering their business means you will receive better service and a better project outcome.

Customizing to Fit Your Needs

Home remodeling frequently involves problem-solving such as maximizing existing space, strategically building additions or navigating limited budgets. Professional remodelers can help homeowners manage such challenges and meet their needs while staying within the designated budget. Proper training coupled with invaluable, specialized experience help remodelers identify the various options and solutions to satisfy their clients.

If your goal is a well-executed project, then your best bet is to hire a professional remodeler. By investing in their expertise now, you will get to enjoy the tangible benefits of high-quality craftsmanship for many years to come.   

To find a professional remodeler, visit the Remodelers of Clark County: .

Dave Myllymaki is the 2021 BIA president and owner of ReNew Creations LLC. He can be reached at


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