Sigma Design settles into new home in Camas

Fast-growing product design & engineering firm completed move from downtown Vancouver this summer

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Photo courtesy of Sigma Design

Sigma Design, a local product design and engineering firm, has finalized a move from downtown Vancouver to Camas.

The company’s new headquarters, which offers a campus environment and the ability to work collaboratively under one roof, is located at 4600 NW Pacific Rim Blvd. The facility was previously used by Heraeus Shin-Etsu America (a division of the same company that operates SEH America in Vancouver) to manufacture silicon crucibles for the wafer and chip industries.

While the move to Camas began at the end of May, plans had been in the works for two years. The new space had to be remodeled to accommodate Sigma’s clients and growing staff of more than 230.

Officially, all staff members were moved into the new headquarters by the end of June.

The company chose to execute its move in a phased approached, which proved to make the transition smoother. Initially, some parts of the new facility were not finished due to construction delays, so employees moving in during the first phase of the process experienced challenges. However, according to Andrea Cameron, Sigma Design’s marketing manager, throughout each part of the move the team worked together to keep design work and communication with clients a priority.

Asked to share a few of the benefits of the new space, Cameron said, “While the Camas headquarters is a bit farther out, commutes are fairly easy and there are amenities close by, as well as access to green spaces and other recreational opportunities. Additionally, other tech-focused companies are located nearby and there is easy access to the Portland airport.”

Of course with any move, there are pros and cons. Cameron said that some employees found the move challenging because of the change in commute times, while others ended up moving to the Camas area.

“Change can be challenging for some since there are unknowns, but fortunately we have a very adaptable group,” she said.

Bill Huseby, Sigma Design president, said tremendous growth in recent years prompted the need for a much larger facility (the company was occupying three separate buildings downtown), and Cameron noted that the new headquarters provides the room to expand their service offerings and capabilities to clients as well as the opportunity for staff to grow well into the future.

“For 2017, our employee growth rate is at 31 percent,” said Cameron. “Per our leadership plan, we have growth targets for various segments of the business through 2022. Our employee growth rate will continue to increase, but probably not as fast as it is at the current rate. We have plans for the Singapore office working in new locations, as well as expanding our U.S. presence and client base.”