Joint venture may bring fertilizer plant to Longview

The Mint Farm Industrial Park in Longview.

Pacific Coast Fertilizer (PCF), a joint venture partnership founded by a group of industrial project developers, is interested in constructing a facility that would manufacture nitrogen fertilizer in Longview.

If permitted, the proposed facility would create 80 to 100 permanent jobs during its operation. Approximately 1,000 jobs would be created during a three-year construction period.

PCF informed the Cowlitz Economic Development Council (CEDC) Board of Directors of its interest in Longview as one of a number of potential sites on Wednesday.

The area being considered is approximately 50 acres of property in the Mint Farm Industrial Park, which is owned by the city of Longview.

Scott Charpentier, president of Pacific Coast Fertilizer, said PCF is considering the Longview site because the property is already permitted for industrial use and there is a strong demand from farmers for nitrogen fertilizers in the region.

“Across the Pacific Northwest, agricultural demand for nitrogen fertilizers remains at an all-time high,” said Charpentier in a press release. “With the region importing the vast majority of all fertilizers used, existing suppliers command premium prices and high long-haul transportation costs, not to mention the associated emissions. To better serve the local agricultural community, PCF intends to develop a state-of-the-art facility in the Pacific Northwest for the production and distribution of nitrogen-based fertilizer with an industry leading commitment to safe and secure operations.”

CEDC President Ted Sprague said the new facility would be a welcome addition to Cowlitz County.

“For nearly two decades, bringing a proven industry partner to the shovel-ready Mint Farm Industrial Park has been a top priority,” said Sprague. “We hope to welcome Pacific Coast Fertilizer to Longview and look forward to working closely with the company to bring new family-wage jobs to our community.”

A spokesperson for PCF said the facility could be operational by 2021. The overall cost of the project was not disclosed.

Industrial developers involved in the proposed project include Ferrostaal, Haldor Topsoe and Saturn Ferrostaal Gas Chemicals (read more about those companies here). The group has already developed facilities in other parts of the world, including a fertilizer plant in Trinidad & Tobago, a solar power plant in Spain and an onshore wind farm in Uruguay.