Construction on YMCA to begin in April

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 “This glass is definitely over half-full,” said Patton. “Now we’ll be appealing to the community, to major donors and to companies and corporations to help finish this campaign.”

Bob Hall, president and CEO of the YMCA of Columbia-Willamette, said the first phase of the construction project – the creation of an enclosed, all-weather play area – is set to begin in April of this year. The second phase, likely beginning this May or June, involves the construction of a six-lane lap pool.

“The city, the county and the people that live in it have told us time and time again, there is no lap pool that is a fast pool (in the area),” noted Patton. “The community wanted that lap pool, so that’s what we’re building.”

The completed project includes the installation of wood floors in the gymnasium, improvements to existing locker rooms and a second-story running track.

According to Hall, an independent study commissioned by the YMCA showed that as a result of the project, the Clark County facility could see a 100 to 200 percent increase in the number of people it serves.

“The YMCA does community better than anyone else…” he said. “We need to build the capacity so that we can serve more people.”

Patton explained that it was also important to “keep it local” when planning the facility upgrades. That in mind, he noted that Vancouver-based LSW Architects and RSV Building Soltuions are on board.

“It’s very important to give the work, the building, the design, the creation and completion of the project to the companies and the people in the community,” he said.

“They (LSW & RSV) have been extremely helpful in helping us design the facility as well as participating in the capital efforts to raise enough money to be able to finish it without any debt,” added Hall.

RSV President Ron Frederiksen said that his company has worked extremely hard to ensure the YMCA project gets off the ground because “it’s going to make a huge difference in our community.”

“In our view, having a faith-based organization like that – one that accepts literally everyone and provides families and kids with access to summer camps, youth programs, swimming lessons and exercise… I really admire that,” said Frederiksen.

For more information on the YMCA project and to donate, email Bruce Patton at

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