Business Spotlight: 1709 Records

The Downtown Vancouver vinyl shop attracts music lovers of all kinds

Inside 1709 records
Courtesy of 1709 Records

Remember the feeling of sitting down to play a new record? In a way, time slows down, and it’s only you and the music.

Miki Rodgers has been bringing that feeling back to music lovers around Clark County with her downtown Vancouver record shop, 1709 Records.

The store, which opened in November 2015, sells both new and used records in all genres of music. Everything is organized alphabetically by last name of the artist or first letter of the band, and customers everywhere are continuing to love searching for their next great music find.

“My customer base has grown substantially since I opened, and all ages of people come in,” shared Rodgers. “I have young and old couples…dads or moms with kids…young preteens meet up here, and everyone in between, so that’s really rad!”

The pandemic forced her to shut her doors for three months at the beginning of 2020, but in June of that year, she was able to open again with safety precautions in place. Despite the temporary disruption in sales, Rodgers explains that the records – and music in general – have been a great way for people to de-stress and unwind amid turbulent times. Because of this, she has seen a greater need for records.

“This pandemic has really brought a ton more customers and demand for vinyl,” she explained. “At the same time, the production of said vinyl from any one artist has really slowed and due to no employees, shortage of material, and closure of record shops/plants, it has made it hard. At one point during the heart of this pandemic, one top turntable company had to stop selling because they didn’t have enough product to sell. That really says something.”

While product availability has been one of the more difficult parts of keeping her business running recently, more and more people of all ages have visited her shop to look for new records or to purchase a turntable for the first time.

She said, “It makes me so happy when someone says, ‘I just got into it’ or ‘I’m just re-starting a collection.’ The thrill of the hunt or a record off the wall that catches the eye of the beholder – it’s special and magical.”

Brooke Strickland
A lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, Brooke Strickland is a full-time freelance writer that specializes in writing blogs, website content, and business news for companies & publications around the country. She is also the co-author of Hooked on Games, a book about technology and video game addiction.

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