A local Business buys in

In the name of environmental consciousness, some businesses and residents are paying a little extra to support development of wind power. The Holland Inc. recently committed to the use of wind power produced in the northwest to provide the electricity for all of its restaurants and Vancouver headquarters.

The company is purchasing its wind power from Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, Clark Public Utilities, Columbia River People’s Utility District, Cowlitz Public Utility District and Green Tags from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

By using wind power, the company said it will avoid adding 17.4 million pounds of CO2 to the region annually – the equivalent of taking approximately 1,700 cars off the road, said the company.

Paying a little more for wind power doesn’t mean all of a customer’s power will come directly from a wind farm. Instead, the investment goes to the purchase of green power, education and marketing, and administration.