Business is smoking at Pacific NW Best Fish Co.

Rand Schiltz, owner of Rand Jeweler

Crab in iceFor the last five to six years, Pacific NW Best Fish has focused on several pillars: customer service, maintaining high quality, and stepping up marketing efforts. For example, said Beckwith, in the case of quality, Alaskan fish is air freighted to the company.

“If it’s in our case, it was swimming yesterday,” stated Beckwith.

Marketing efforts include the company’s unique crab logo and use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Beckwith said he has found that “the more you interact with people, the better.” He tweets specials, such as offering a dollar-per-pound discount if a customer mentions the ad. Or, a photo of fresh crab on Facebook can motivate customers to come to the north part of the county for lunch.

Making the company’s site a one-stop shop helps build customer relationships. A café customer, for example, can also pick up a bottle of wine from the tasting room and a couple pounds of fish for the following night’s dinner. They can also get recipe suggestions. Additional services include corporate gift boxes and party platters. The smokehouse doesn’t just smoke the meat – they can also filet, vacuum pack, freeze and ship the resulting product.

Another aspect of customer service is happy employees, stated Beckwith. Several of his 13 employees have been with the company more than six years, and college students often return for summer work. A livable wage and “the opportunity to succeed financially and personally” underlie Beckwith’s approach to management.

“We don’t run it like the corporate world, but we still get the job done,” said Beckwith.

This philosophy seems to be working. Beckwith stated that company revenue has grown steadily by 10 to 15 percent annually over the last six years. Future plans, such as “coupling up a little more with the winery,” expanding the kitchen, and possibly establishing a second location, could drive future growth.

But Beckwith is keeping in mind his company’s relationship with the larger community as he makes these plans. He wants to ensure that whatever changes he makes builds, rather than detracts from, other businesses in the area.

“We’re more than just Ridgefield – we’re ‘north Clark County,’” explained Beckwith.

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