Syndyne Corporation: Pushing the music industry into gear

Ben and Marcus Young

Syndyne 4When asked what the future looks like for Syndyne, Young said the next step is to connect with customers and clients through more social media practices, and to continue to plug into new technologies.

“We plan to better incorporate and improve our web-oriented marketing to reach out to a new audience,” he added. “Through custom creation programs, and other social media devices, we hope to introduce our products to a new generation of players.”

An acquisition story

Young said that Syndyne’s recent acquisition of Allegra Drums is another testament of the company’s wildly recognized innovation within the industry.

As he explained it, the previous owner of Allegra Drums had a working relationship with Syndyne and was well aware of the Vancouver-based company’s strong history of innovation within the pipe organ industry. Eventually that business relationship turned into a friendship, and when Allegra’s owner decided he wanted to take his company to the next level, he went straight to Syndyne for advice.

Shortly thereafter, both sides agreed that Allegra would officially join the Syndyne family.

“We want to take this company to a place that it hasn’t been to before, and give it the chance to grow in a brand new way,” said Young.

Syndyne Corporation

Founded 1964

12109 NE 95th St., Vancouver

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