International Air & Hospitality Academy trains students

The Academy has helped train thousands of people for careers in Clark County

The International Air and Hospitality Academy
The International Air and Hospitality Academy has helped train thousands of people for careers in Clark County and the world at large since its beginning four decades ago. Courtesy of International Air & Hospitality Academy

Since its beginning four decades ago, International Air and Hospitality Academy has helped train thousands of people for careers in Clark County and the world at large.

The private career college was founded by Arch Miller, who had a successful career in the airline industry and wanted to create a school where airline executives could hire and train motivated individuals. Colleen Piller, CEO and president, shares that together, the team at the college has been successful in bringing more and more students to Clark County to enroll in classes.

International Air and Hospitality Academy has been a part of the community since 1979 and originally began as an airline school. Since then, it has expanded to include education in culinary arts, as well as training in wind turbines and railroad operations.

“We’ve experienced 30 percent growth over the last couple of years and look forward to even more growth in 2019,” Piller said. ”We’re thrilled to be able to offer training on our newest airline simulator for our airline students. It is our goal to make sure all of our students are trained and educated to the best of our ability and hired immediately upon graduation.”

The school’s Airline Travel Specialist program is the original program and remains the most popular program with the wind tech program coming in behind that. Over 600 students come into the programs annually. In addition to classes, the school offers student dormitories and provides transportation to and from school to the airport.

Piller explains that one of the things that makes the college stand out is the staff’s dedication to student success.

“We are committed to the success of our students,” Piller said. “We work with our students as individuals instead of a number. Each student is guided through the program, coached on interview techniques and resume writing, and is ultimately hired in the field of their choice. It is our goal to mentor and train each student, so they are highly marketable and ready to start a new life/career.”

Another key component of the school’s growth is its dedication to the community. Piller explains that International Air and Hospitality Academy regularly supports community events and issues, and they are involved in several fundraising events both county and statewide.

“Our employees are dedicated to taking our students to the next level and transformations are exciting and rewarding,” she said.

“Our approach is to take care of the whole student and take the guesswork out of how it will happen for them,” Piller continued. “So far it has worked wonderfully, and we look forward to training even more people in the future.”

The school is continually looking for avenues of growth and where future hiring opportunities exist. The leadership team is currently working on new program ideas that will be announced in early 2019.



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