Ginn Realty Group finds success in luxury market & beyond

As sales volume increases, Vancouver real estate agency maintains commitment to community

Patrick Ginn

Ginn Realty Group is fast becoming a star on the Pacific Northwest’s real estate scene. After taking a risk during the recession, founder Patrick Ginn has driven his five-year-old group to the top and earned the number one spot on Hasson Company Realtors’ prestigious Top 40 Agent listing. Total sales volume for his award-winning agency increased nearly $6 million from 2013 and shows no signs of slowing. In addition, the Ginn Gives initiative is setting an example and making a difference: donating a portion of every transaction to charitable organizations.

“I’m so grateful to call it my job that I don’t even consider it work,” said 33-year-old Ginn. “I love it. I love this industry. I love the people. I love my clients.”

In the last ten years, Ginn has closed over $300 million worth of real estate and assisted in the development of over 900 residential lots in 20+ communities.

“There’s no secret,” Ginn explained, about his quick rise to success. “Business in general, especially real estate, is very much based on building relationships and building trust.”

From that comes referrals, repeat business and ultimately growth, Ginn said. Another key ingredient?

“We have a talented staff that does a great job of increasing our marketing,” said Ginn. “As the team has gotten bigger, there’s been this rewarding element of watching them grow together as individuals and as professionals.”

With a relentless focus on being a leader in marketing and using the latest technology, the Ginn team ensures a high level of service and quality that clients can count on. This consistency of service paved the way for success when Ginn launched its luxury brand last year.

“Considering there aren’t a lot of luxury homes in Clark County, we’ve done very well,” said Ginn. “In September alone, we closed three houses that were over $1 million each.”

Ginn never shies away from a challenge. Five years ago, during the height of the housing crisis in America, Ginn took a risk: he put together one of the first teams of builders, investors and landowners to develop large residential properties during the recession.

“That was probably one of my biggest accomplishments,” said Ginn. “It was one of the first examples of real success coming out of the recession and it encouraged other builders, realtors and lenders to enter back into the market as well.”

But the Ginn Realty Group contribution to the community doesn’t stop at residential housing. Ginn has made an increasing commitment to charity and nonprofits every year since his start, recently launching the Ginn Gives initiative.

“It’s the whole ‘pay it forward’ concept,” said Ginn. “In my mind, I’ve been very fortunate and had a lot of support from the community and it’s important to pass that along and make sure other people have similar opportunities.”

Ginn Realty not only gives a portion of its profit to various local and national charities, but also unites its own 10-person team regularly for projects with Habitat for Humanity, the Boys and Girls Club and the reading initiative at the Parent-Teacher Association. Ginn Realty also packed and delivered 120 dinner boxes this past Thanksgiving.

“It’s always good to contribute financially, but to see it, touch it and see the direct result, that adds another layer,” said Ginn. “Do business and improve the world around you as you do the business.”

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