Gaynor’s Automotive celebrates 33 years in business

The automotive repair business employs 41 people at five locations around Clark County

Gaynor’s Automotive
Gaynor’s Automotive has five locations throughout Clark County, including Orchards, Cascade Park, downtown Vancouver, Salmon Creek and Hazel Dell. Courtesy of Gaynor’s Automotive

The history of Gaynor’s Automotive began in 1986 when Tom Gaynor started the company after buying the assets of a failed repair shop in an IRS tax auction. Today, the family owned company has become a full-service automotive repair and maintenance business owned and operated by Tom Gaynor and his son Tommy.

“My father had previously been an automotive technician and owned a gas station,” Tommy said. “He always had a drive inside to take care of people and their cars. We have seen slow steady growth over the first 20 years and better growth in the last 13 years.”

Today, remembering their modest beginnings of just one shop and one employee, Gaynor’s Automotive proudly employs 41 people at five locations located around Clark County, including Orchards, Cascade Park, downtown Vancouver, Salmon Creek and Hazel Dell. More than half the staff has worked at the company for more than seven years and a handful of people have even been there more than two decades.

The company’s mission to twofold: stay at the forefront in offering the best parts and products at the best price, while simultaneously building customer loyalty through reliable workmanship and attentive customer service. So far, people have recognized their ability to provide both of these things, allowing Gaynor’s Automotive to be voted “Best of Clark County” multiple times.

Tommy explained that the company offers a free shuttle with pick up and drop off services, so people will not be inconvenienced during car servicing.

“Our warranty is one of – if not the strongest – in the county,” he said. “It’s a no-hassle, three-year or 36,000-mile warranty: if there’s a problem with anything we did, we just fix it and make it right. People know we are really good but not perfect and if we have a problem, we stand behind it with no hassle.”

Tommy said that when it comes to standing out in the competitive automotive service industry, employing the right people is what matters the most.

“The biggest reason our business has thrived in Clark County is the people that make up the business,” he said. “They really care and it shows. We understand at the end of the day it’s work, but we try to make it as fun as possible and really make sure people know they’re appreciated. We have also been blessed with thousands of great clients over the years that have trusted us to take care of their vehicles, including some of the county’s biggest fleets.”



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