Johnson Bixby: Empowering people to take hold of their financial future

Vancouver-based Johnson Bixby and Associates specializes in customized services for clients

Heidi Johnson Bixby

Ask Heidi Johnson Bixby what sets her downtown Vancouver financial planning firm apart from the rest, and she’ll tell you it stems from a genuine desire to help people – to treat clients not just as clients, but as unique individuals.

With Johnson Bixby at the helm for nearly 27 years, Johnson Bixby & Associates has worked closely with individuals to create customized client solutions that help them achieve their financial goals and build the life that they want to live.

Specifically, the group at Johnson Bixby provides expertise in the area of investment management and financial planning. The firm is comprised of 17 employees, ranging from Certified Financial Planners and tax and insurance professionals, to Chartered Financial Analysts and support staff. Housed in an office building on Main Street that was renovated nearly six years ago, Johnson Bixby worked with the Clark County Mural Society to commission local artist Michael Feliz to paint a mural of Ft. Vancouver on the north side of the building.

A Certified Financial Planner herself, Heidi Johnson Bixby, began her career in financial planning when it was still a young industry. As she began working with people, she realized the incredible value that planning brings to each client.

JB&A sign“If there is a common theme among our team, it’s our desire to help people,” she said. “It’s exciting to see clients achieve their goals and live the life they dreamed. Having a hand in making that happen is rewarding.

“We’re truly comprehensive in our planning and are able to meet client needs with in-house expertise,” added Johnson Bixby. “Because we work as a team and each individual team member is extraordinary in their own right, clients benefit from our shared knowledge and dedication to lifelong learning.”

Planning for the future can be a bit overwhelming for many people, especially when it’s easy to find fragments of financial advice everywhere. That’s why, according to Johnson Bixby, the firm is dedicated to partnering with clients to help navigate all of the turns and possibilities that life brings.

“Our clients get an advocate for the long haul, with holistic insights and planning customized for them,” she said.

Smart growth

Johnson Bixby & Associates is currently on pace to add one-to-two new employees a year for the foreseeable future. Johnson Bixby stated that the firm is focused on thoughtful and intentional growth, working hard to find the right team members with the right level of experience and expertise, rather than just growing for the sake of growth.

“We plan to be here for several more decades and therefore take the longer view, which gives us the ability to be strategic, go deep and building lasting relationships with clients.”

The firm will also continue to dedicate time to community service efforts, said Johnson Bixby, giving back whenever possible. The company actively supports a variety of local organizations and events in the area and works directly with people in volunteer capacities.

Whether it’s helping a recent college graduate who’s looking to set aside funds for retirement or serving on local boards around Clark County, Johnson Bixby believes time is of the essence and life is meant to be enjoyed.

“We love what we do for people,” she concluded. “We are proud that the work we do helps people live better lives.”

Disclosure: Securities and advisory services offered through KMS Financial Services, Inc.

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