Business is flowing at Water’s Edge Waterfalls

Tony Curtis

After putting the two companies together by buying out former Green Haven owner Jeff Piccard, Hooks brought his long time project manager Eric McCuan on board as a partner in the new, larger business.

Hooks said the acquisition has already enhanced business.

BS2“It’s nice to be able to maintain relationships with customers,” he said. “We get to know them so well through the design and construction phase, it is great to continue those relationships long-term with maintaining the environments. That is what made Green Haven such a good fit.”

From a business standpoint, Hooks said the move pays great dividends in steadier income generation, even during what are traditionally slow winter months. The company has seen an increase in referrals due to the sustained contact with customers as well.

“Growing from what was originally just a hardscape company to one that now, really provides everything under one umbrella, we are able to offer a complete portfolio while maintaining much more steady revenue,” Hooks explained.

Looking ahead, Hooks said the biggest challenge for Water’s Edge as it moves forward is branding. And while growth is exciting, he added, quality, trust and relationships remain at the core of what they do.

A commitment to giving back

In addition to helping his own company grow, steadier revenue streams have fueled Hooks’ other passion – giving back to those in need.

Using his trade skills, Hooks travels to Nicaragua to help villages create sustainable aquaculture systems. These systems provide fresh water and an environment for fish and aquatic plants for people who were in desperate need.

“One thing I learned early on,” Hooks explained, “was not to do the work for them, but rather help them learn to do it themselves.”

This practice has led to replication of his work around the region.

“It is very rewarding to see the fruits of my labor here at home do so much good in a place that so badly needs it.”

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