Absolute Heating and Cooling Solutions is a family business

Providing services for heating, cooling and more, this company can service any brand

Absolute Heating & Cooling
Absolute Heating and Cooling Solutions LLC is a family run business that was created more than seven years ago by Martin, Tony, Francisco, Josue and Jose Ramirez. Francisco’s wife Victoria and mother Bernarda run and manage the office. Courtesy of Jake Thompson

Treating every client like family comes naturally to the Ramirez family.

Creating a successful business working together comes naturally to this tight-knit family. With close to 30 years of experience working for other people in the heating and cooling industry, Martin Ramirez and his brother Tony decided it was time to invest in family – creating Absolute Heating and Cooling Solutions LCC more than seven years ago with sons Francisco, Josue and Jose.

The eldest son, Francisco, manages and runs the business and works in the field with the family while his wife Victoria and mother Bernarda run and manage the office.

“My dad has really taught us everything he knows, and it makes him happy to be able to work alongside his children,” Francisco said. “My brothers say that sometimes it doesn’t feel like work because we are together. We are a family company with family values and when people call it is our goal to make them feel like family.”

Providing services for heating, cooling, refrigeration, restaurant equipment, gas lines, fireplaces and water heaters, as well as ductless heat pumps, this company is on call and can service any brand that might need repair. They also sell several well-known brands, including Coleman, Daikin and Fujitsu if it’s time for a new unit or upgrade.

“We know response time is important to customers when they are having a problem, so we try to call back within the hour and try to get out there the same day or next day if possible,” Francisco said. “We know people appreciate our quick response time and we have lots of repeat clients who call us for that very reason.”

With summer as perhaps the busiest season in the heating and cooling industry, when temperatures go up the calls come in as everyone wants to stay cool. Francisco emphasizes that the number one thing people can do to help maintain their system is to replace the air filters on their furnace every three months. He also recommends a yearly maintenance check up for the air conditioning unit and your furnace. They will clean and replace coils and filters and make sure everything is working properly.

“Replacing those filters and keeping the system clean will save a homeowner money in the long run,” he said.

“Two things homeowners can do to save money and not let their home heat up in the hot summer months are to keep the temperature on their air conditioner consistent, by lowering it only a couple degrees and keeping it at about 70 degrees,” Francisco continued. “Do not turn it off as it takes twice as much energy to keep it cool once your home gets hot. This doesn’t save energy as many people think, it actually fights against it and defeats the purpose. Of course, if one is going out of town for an extended amount of time, they can turn the air off, but they should be prepared to possibly come home to a warm house that will take time and energy to cool down. Leaving the fan on to circulate the air filter is always better than to turn a system completely off.”

Sharing ideas and appreciating the work they are doing with a commitment to excellent service, a deep understanding of the heating and cooling industry and a desire to work with family is what makes this business so successful.

“Instead of working for someone else’s dream I am working for my family and our dream,” Francisco said.

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