Clark Public Utilities To Launch New Smart EV Charging Program

Clark Public Utilities and Enel X have announced the launch of an instant rebate program in Clark County, Wash. that enables residential electricity customers to immediately save $500 on the purchase of an Enel X JuiceBox Level II EV charger through the Clark Public Utilities online marketplace. JuiceBox Level II chargers charge an EV up to seven times faster than those included with new EVs.

Providing equitable access to electric vehicles is an important goal for Clark Public Utilities as part of its commitment to meeting the Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA). CETA mandates Washington State to 100%clean electricity by 2045 and includes provisions for affordability and reliability to ensure all utility customers equitably benefit from the clean energy transformation. JuiceBox residential smart EV chargers are convenient for EV customers. With more than 80% of charging done at home, availability of residential charging equipment is a critical factor to drive mainstream adoption of electric vehicles.

“We are pleased to partner with Clark Public Utilities to bring smart, affordable home EV charging to Vancouver and Clark County,” said Giovanni Bertolino, Head of Enel X e-Mobility North America. “We look forward to delivering this critical infrastructure to EV drivers in Clark County and expanding access to EV charging across the Pacific Northwest.”

“This partnership enables us to offer our customers a leading smart EV charging solution that significantly improves the benefits and convenience of owning an electric vehicle,” said Matt Babbitts of Clark Public Utilities. “Enel X is an ideal partner delivering high quality smart products that enable EV drivers to optimize their charging to reduce costs and carbon emissions.”

Clark Public Utilities also recognizes that EVs have great potential both as a cost-savings investment and a emissions reduction solution for local businesses that rely on company vehicles. Level II chargers substantially speed up the charging process and thus enable those organizations to spend more time using their vehicles and less time waiting for a fully battery. What’s more, having a level II charger available on-site can enhance both the customer and employee experience at a business.

Clark’s commercial & industrial Level II connected charger rebate program includes a $500 rebate for the installation of a qualified Level II charger. There are no limits on the number of chargers or rebates a business can qualify for, but projects with more than 10 Level II units being installed require pre-approval. Each charger must be Energy Star rated and “Connected” (internet connection, Wi-Fi enabled). A lengthy list of qualified products and the EV charger rebate form is available on the Clark Public Utilities website

The Clark Public Utilities program builds on Enel X’s successful track record of delivering smart EV charging solutions to customers in the Pacific Northwest, including partnerships with Puget Sound Energy and Seattle City Light.

Click here to access the marketplace for Clark Public Utilities Customers

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