Following in their brother’s footsteps

Spotlight ADCO

ADCO will continue to operate as a union shop – a move Ed Piel made that has allowed the business to win print jobs from politicians and locals that prefer or require union affiliation.

According to Jim Piel, the business will also continue its heavy focus on philanthropy.

“Ed was very big into nonprofits,” he said.

“This place was founded by Ed, and we’re going to continue that tradition in his honor. Scott and I agree. As long as we can afford it, we’ll always give back to the community. The more prosperous we are, the more we can donate,” said Jim.

The changes that Scott and Jim Piel have made – often in close collaboration with sales manager Steve Hartney – are aimed at making the business more prosperous.

Ed Piel founded the company as a sole proprietorship, and it has been reorganized as a corporation. The new managers also remodeled the business space, in part to make room for an expanded sales staff and a greater range of services.

ADCO now prints banners and can do wide-format jobs, and can individually personalize each item in a large print job. It has room to expand by adding new equipment if these additional lines of business meet or beat the Piels’ financial targets.

The efforts seem to be paying off. Summers have always been a slow time for ADCO, but this past August the company fared better than typical for the month.

“Ed was happy with what he’d done, and Scott and I are happy with what he’s done,” Jim said.

“We don’t want to get too big, but we see opportunities to grow. And obviously we want to stay focused on what we do best – offset printing,” he noted.

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