H+H Briefs

Vancouver Radiologists introduces ‘soft touch’ mammography

Vancouver Radiologists has become a certified Softer Mammogram Provider, adopting FDA-approved MammoPad technology. The technology is intended to ease discomfort many women feel when undergoing a mammogram, combining full-field digital mammogram equipment with a new warm breast cushion.

The single-use, adhesive-backed foam cushion attaches to the compression plates of both digital and traditional X-ray film mammography devices. The recyclable breast cushion is invisible to X-rays and does not interfere with the image quality of the mammogram.

Medical technology startup unveils new product

Vancouver-based REDpoint International has unveiled its new Versatilt wheelchair tilting device. The machine can tilt wheelchairs backward up to 65 degrees, allowing a patient to receive medical care without being moved for examination. Patients can also adjust pressure points, reducing the risk of muscle atrophy and bedsores.

Another company product, the IV Sleeve, has been finalized and is scheduled to be tested in clinical trials. Part of the company’s Body Line Management System, the sleeve can lessen dislodgement of IV lines and catheters, reducing the need for uncomfortable and costly reinsertions.

The company, established in March 2008, focuses on products that control infection and improve patients’ quality of life.