International discovery

First Independent staff Gayle Sable, pictured, and Lisa Wooster wade through the contents of a 22-year-old time capsule uncovered from a concrete wall July 13 at the First Independent International Branch on Fourth Plain Boulevard.

Sable and Wooster now work in other capacities for First Independent, but in 1985, they were part of the Fourth Plain branch staff that sealed treasures like a 22-cent stamp, clippings from fashion magazines, movie reviews of “Flash Dance” and “Footloose,” a U.S. News & World Report article about the next frontier of computers and Polaroids of employees in a glass jar and put it in the wall during a remodel.

The branch is now in the midst of another facelift and Wooster happened to remember the time capsule. Current staff members plan to add to it – likely with items that reflect the international theme – and reseal it in a wall for another generation to discover.