NO. 14-4-00213-1

RCW 11.40.020; 11.40.030
In the Estate of: DAVID BREITENSTEIN, Deceased.
NO. 14-4-00213-1
The Personal Representative named below has been appointed as Personal Representative of this estate. Any person having a claim against the decedent must, prior to the time the claim would be barred by any otherwise applicable statute of limitations, present the claim in the manner as provided in RCW 11.40.070 by serving on or mailing to the Personal Representative or the Personal Representative’s attorney at the address stated below a copy of the claim and filing the original of the claim with the Court. The claim must be presented within the later of: (1) Thirty days after the Personal Representative served or mailed the notice to the creditor as provided under RCW 11.40.020(1)(c); or (2) Four months after the date of first publication of the notice. If the claim is not presented within this time frame, the claim is forever barred, except as otherwise provided in RCW 11.40.051 and RCW 11.40.060. This bar is effective as to claims against both the probate assets and non-probate assets of the decedent. DATE OF FIRST PUBLICATION: March 28, 2014 VERN BREITENSTEIN Personal Representative David W. Christel (WSBA 15569) Of Attorneys for Personal Representative Christel & Isley, LLP, 105 W. Evergreen Blvd., Suite 200, PO Box 61983, Vancouver, WA 98666-1983 (360)993-1200
Christel & Isely LLP, 105 W Evergreen Blvd, Ste. 200, PO Box 61983, Vancouver, WA 98666-1983 (360)993-1200: Fax(360)567-0165
mar 28, apr 4, 11

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