Paying it Forward: Erin Lambley

Volunteer of the WeekErinName: Erin Lambley

Current employer or place of business: Landerholm, P.S.

Organization(s) I volunteer with: I currently volunteer with the Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital Foundation and Pink Lemonade Project. I am also a member of PEO International, an organization focused on supporting women’s educational goals.

How I got involved: As I neared the end of law school and took the bar exam, I sought out organizations for volunteer opportunities, and was fortunate to be connected with Legacy and the Pink Lemonade Project. I have been a member of PEO since I was 18 – thanks to my mom, who is also a PEO.

Why I give back: I think it is so important to be good stewards of our community, and I personally feel an obligation to do what I can to give back, whether that is by serving on a board, donating to a cause, volunteering for an activity or spreading good cheer.

Proudest moment as a volunteer: My proudest moments are really the little moments when I am reminded why it is that I volunteer. My husband and I have volunteered at the WHO shelter over the years, and every time we do, I am humbled by the people we meet, and fortunate to have helped (if even in a small way) to make their lives a bit more comfortable.

What local challenge or issue are you most passionate about? I don’t know that there’s one issue in particular. However, if I had to choose, I would say I feel particularly passionate about helping to make post-secondary education of our young people more achievable, and supporting our veterans and their families.

Just for fun: What are your hidden talents? I am a musician! I sing, and I play the piano and flute.

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