Paying it Forward: Brian Willoughby

Volunteer of the Week


Name: Brian Willoughby

Current employer or place of business: Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center

Organization(s) I volunteer with: Most of my volunteer hours are dedicated to Community Services Northwest, Children’s Center, Council for the Homeless and my church, but I try to make time for other events and causes all along the way.

How I got involved: My first volunteer effort as an adult was with hospice in the 1990s. I did that for a couple of years but then had to step back to focus on family. I always felt an empty space when I wasn’t volunteering, and I’m glad I am back at it now.

Why I give back: We’re in this together, and we all have to do our part. Plus, it just feels good to give back. The children’s affirmation we say at my church also sums it up: “Love your neighbor as yourself. Search for truth with an open mind. Make the world a better place.”

Proudest moment as a volunteer: Related to what I said above, about the feel-good quality of giving back, I don’t have a “proudest” moment. Instead, I have so many moments of pride and satisfaction all along the way – times when I could lend my energy or expertise to a worthy cause and feel as if I actually were making a real difference.

What local challenge or issue are you most passionate about? Mental health. I sit on two boards tied to that issue, one for an organization that helps children and one that helps adults. There is a history of mental illness in my family that goes back generations, and while the stigma has lessened it still remains. We must do better in both treatment options and acceptance around an issue that affects so many in our community.

Just for fun: What are your hidden talents? I can still do a cartwheel.

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