Mark Trupp

Current employer or place of business: Wells Fargo.

Organization(s) I volunteer with: Habitat for Humanity and Vancouver Watershed Alliance.

How I got involved: I started volunteering for community organizations as a sports coach when my children were young and I just never quit. I wanted to invest in our community and to show others how volunteering can be so rewarding. Now, my wife and children often volunteer with me.

Why I give back: I love the way you and others feel after you give just a little bit of your time to help someone else, plus it’s fun. At Wells Fargo, we do a lot of volunteering as a group. It enables me to get to know my co-workers outside of the office.

Proudest moment as a volunteer: In 2017, I had an opportunity to attend a house presentation held by Evergreen Habitat for Humanity. To see a family presented a home I had worked on throughout the year – from helping with the foundation to painting – was very rewarding.

What local challenge or issue are you most passionate about? Affordable home ownership is most important to me. Housing is the foundation to building a healthy neighborhood.

Just for fun: What are your hidden talents? I can drive a nail straight!



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