Up Close with Ricky Kalmbach

Current job: Sr. Manager, Learning & Development at DiscoverOrg.

Proudest professional moment: Being at the announcement that DiscoverOrg bought our No. 1 competitor. It was quite possibly the most exciting moment in time for us as an organization. But, it was also exciting to know that we’re going to gain new colleagues, new clients and ultimately get to dominate this lead generation space.

First job: Park Boy at Alderbrook Park out in Brush Prairie. (Fun fact about this job: The rumor is true, they DO have pink lemonade coming out of their water fountains).

Fun fact: Before joining the organization that I’m at now, I worked at a skateboard shop where I built and sold skateboards. Quite different than what I’m doing now.

Favorite spot on a Saturday night: Easily Shanahan’s in Vancouver. It’s like having our own little Paddy’s Pub in Vancouver (for all you “It’s Always Sunny” fans …).

Favorite movie: “Garden State.”

Music of choice: I have eclectic music tastes. My two favorites are Blink-182 and Lil-Wayne.

Favorite place to eat: Fast Food – Jersey Mike’s. Restaurant – Radio Room in Northeast Portland.

Motto/Inspirational quote: This line is from a comedy movie, but has stuck with me for years: “Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive.” It reminds me that while things can get hectic, and life can be rough, that it’s all for the experience. It makes me stop, think and smile when I’m feeling stressed.