Up Close With Caitlin Wilson

Current job: Co-Founder of In Light Hyperbarics, LLC.

Proudest professional moment: Waking up one morning and realizing that it’s possible. Living your passion, sharing your gifts and empowering others to take control of their healing and wellness is possible. It takes a village, a tribe, a support system to bring it all together; and for me, it’s happening and unfolding more and more every day! I unknowingly have manifested (and continue to manifest) what I was meant to be doing in this lifetime, sharing the healing powers of light and oxygen. We all deserve to live a life that our bodies were naturally designed to live and it’s possible! Visualize, show up and do the work … then watch the magic happen.

First job: At 17, my first job was at Fuddruckers, a hamburger joint, of all places! Working alongside two of my best girlfriends made the job a lot less “job like” and more entertaining to say the least.

Fun fact: I’m a mermaid at heart. I’ve always had a deep love for the ocean, but I used to fear the unseen power it had. I have faced many fears in recent years taking on the sport of surfing … learning the tides, embracing all the face plants, white wash spins and patience it requires within yourself and all around you. Now you can’t keep me out of the water, as long as it’s warm and the waves aren’t massive!

Favorite spot on a Saturday night: It’s a tie between a cozy night in focusing on self-care, or enjoying a night out with a few friends. And if dancing is involved, I’m there!

Favorite movie: Easy … Blue Crush! One of the only movies I could watch on repeat; about surfing, falling in love and facing your fears.

Music of choice: I grew up listening to songs of my parent’s era; jamming out to artists like Dire Straits, Tom Petty, Steve Miller Band and more. I still pull these tunes out, but my own personal favorite is Reggae and island music of any kind. Really anything with good vibes and happy uplifting lyrics that make your heart smile … Even on the rainiest day!

Favorite place to eat: I’m a traveler and Central America has been my jam for the last decade. The yummiest, most authentic dishes seem to be those prepared (with love) by small family run shacks in the jungle; an all-time favorite for me!

Motto/Inspirational quote: “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” –Roald Dahl



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