Edge Networks is now edgefi

edgefi team
Courtesy of edgefi

Edge Networks, a cybersecurity solutions provider further strengthened their commitment to innovation with the announcement of their rebrand to edgefi.

The award-winning Vancouver based firm said they introduced the evolution of their brand and a refined name to better align with their focus on crafting resilient cybersecurity programs with a concentration on financial services and technology industries.

As a pioneer in modern, simplified IT solutions since Edge’s founding in 2006, the firm has seen consistent growth in their client roster, team, and technology advancements for almost 20 years. This growth was extremely amplified the past three years with an increase in cyber threats, the amount of organizations relying on digital, and the need for reliable security. After uncovering the rising need, Edge pivoted their focus from IT to cybersecurity.

“We’ve been delivering so much more than baseline IT and cybersecurity solutions for our partners – our team has innovation ingrained in them,” said Tishenko. “We felt it was time to lean more into what we’re already doing and really focus on the value we bring as the go-to cybersecurity firm for innovative technology and financial organizations.”

edgefi, formerly Edge Networks, has heavily invested into building a robust cybersecurity solutions team including a fresh headquarters in Downtown Vancouver, and the onboarding of a new CISO, Michael Weaver.
You can learn more about edgefi at www.edgefi.com

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