Treeline Enterprises sees growth in general contracting

Owner Jacob Bush says total sales have doubled each year since launching the business

Courtesy of Treeline Enterprises. Jacob Bush started Treeline Enterprises LLC in 2017. The company works primarily on new homes as a subcontractor.

Jacob Bush was born and raised in Clark County and when he was just a young kid, he was surrounded by the home building scene. His father Mark owns and operates Pyramid Homes, and his grandfather Morris owned Taseca Homes, so when Bush began working alongside his dad at age 18, it was a natural fit. He started by installing floors and building fences, but soon realized that he could be earning more money by learning the ins and outs of general contracting.

Through word of mouth and social media, Bush began earning more and more business, and in 2017 he started Treeline Enterprises.

Treeline Enterprises works primarily on new homes as a subcontractor, where Bush and his team of three full-time employees frame houses and install engineered flooring in addition to building decks and fences.

“I believe the areas of work that we cover are very well rounded and that has allowed me to take in more business versus just specializing in one specific trade,” he said.

Bush said that since he launched his business, total sales have doubled each year. He says with Clark County booming and expanding, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the good economy and gain more business opportunities.

“I am definitely one of the younger contractors in our area, but I have never let that intimidate me,” Bush said. “I have to give a lot of credit to my dad, because knowing that I have him in my back pocket to go to for help has always allowed me to take on bigger jobs that might intimidate me otherwise.”

Bush goes on to explain that he recognizes the importance of making a good first impression. So, with that, he has worked hard to show customers that Treeline Enterprises is dedicated to superior customer service – no matter how big or small the job is. He counts on word of mouth for most of his business, and although Clark County has undergone significant changes and development over the years, he knows that it’s still small enough to earn a positive referral from a satisfied client.

“I think what makes my business unique is that I am so young, yet I have two generations of the same type of business backing me up,” Bush said. “We are a smaller company that allows the customers to build a better relationship with me and not feel like they are just writing a check out to some corporate business. They aren’t helping some guy buy a yacht. They are helping a young guy build his company from the ground up and, I think that’s very obvious to my customers.”

Bush can be reached at Treeline Enterprises at 360-772-9809.



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