Silver Keys Media finds opportunities to connect, grow

Marketing business aims to help clients get clear and confident on their brand story

Person in full make up
This photo is an example of some of the photography that Silver Keys Media Owner Amanda Goff does in order to help her clients visually tell their brand story. Courtesy of Silver Keys Media

Today’s marketing requires a visual edge – and that’s where Amanda Goff said her company, Silver Keys Media, comes in.

“Silver Keys Media offers business owners, entrepreneurs and organizations the strategy and the tools to have that edge,” Goff said. “We work to help clients get clear and confident on their brand story and then help them translate that story visually through video and images. We provide brand strategy, videography and photography services.”

Goff said she started Silver Keys Media five years ago in order to help other business owners truly embrace who they are in their brand, confidently step into it and start attracting the people they want to work with.

Although Goff officially started her business five years ago, she said it was the end of 2017 when she “stepped into my business full time.” Prior to that, she worked at a full-time job while she built her business and collection of gear so that she could start Silver Keys Media debt free.

Goff is the sole owner and “visual ninja” at Silver Keys Media, and is currently the only employee, though she said she does bring other “amazing creative and value-aligned people” into her projects. She has a bachelor’s degree in broadcast communications and theater, and brings “15-plus years of marketing experience to the table and love that I can be creative, goofy, intentional and totally me when working with my clients.”

Since going full time in 2017, Goff said she doubled her revenue in 2018 and is on track to triple that this year. She said she chose Clark County as the home for her business because it is an amazing community and she had already become connected and invested here through her church and her work through Magenta Theater.

“So, naturally I chose to further develop my relationships here and build my business here,” she said. “Clark County is very supportive of small business and there are so many resources to strengthen our community. In this, our local community, there are so many opportunities to connect, grow and find support as a business. I am always saying what a big ‘small town’ we are.”

Although there are quite a few marketing businesses in the area, Goff said that what makes her company and brand unique is the lens in which she looks at visual brand marketing. She said her experience as an actor, director, set designer, costume designer, advertising director, project manager and marketing coordinator has given her a different perspective and approach when helping her clients visually tell their brand’s story.

“My process is a combination of proven systems and organic creativity,” she said.

Goff said one of the main reasons she believes her business is succeeding here in the Clark County community comes down to the heart behind it.

“There are so many other business owners who are willing to take the time to invest in a fellow entrepreneur,” she said. “That support is vital to bolster local business and contributes to long-term success.”



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