Salsbury & Co. aims to help small-business owners

April Salsbury chose to use her skills to help business owners through business management consulting

Salsbury & Co.
Courtesy of Salsbury & Co. Over the years, Salsbury & Co. has continued to more than double in revenue each year and has grown to employ seven staff members with varying professional backgrounds.

Over the years, as April Salsbury has delivered numerous presentations to small business owners, she began to realize they all had the same questions and needs in their businesses. With her experience growing a small company into an international, multi-location organization, Salsbury chose to use her expertise to help small-business owners in the community through business management consulting, and Salsbury & Co. was born.

Established in 2015, Salsbury & Co. “has helped more than 300 businesses in the Vancouver/Portland Metro area with CEO/COO level guidance, bookkeeping and payroll, human resource management, medical practice management and medical billing,” Salsbury said. With backgrounds in manufacturing, retail and health care, Salsbury said the company serves as a one-stop solution for small-business owners needed operational structure and assistance growing their companies.

Salsbury & Co. serves companies from start-up all the way to retention of 100 employees.

“Over the years, Salsbury & Co. has continued to more than double in revenue each year and has grown to employ seven staff members with varying professional backgrounds,” Salsbury said. “Employees take great pride in their work and are rewarded with generous benefits and tremendous flexibility. Clients recognize and appreciate the sense of ownership Salsbury & Co. staff members have in each organization and in working collaboratively with their existing team.”

Salsbury is a local native and said she chose to serve Clark County because there was a great need from business owners that were often overlooked to the larger companies across the river or forced to fit a pre-established mold.

“There is also a major cultural difference in Clark County that favors relationships and supporting fellow small-business owners,” Salsbury said. “The business community is very well connected and always looking for opportunities to help each other improve and grow.”

The success of Salsbury & Co. is multi-faceted, said Salsbury. She said the sincere passion for helping small-business owners and seeing them reach their goals is evident when clients meet any of the company’s staff, and the quality of work and customization to each company’s goals is always first and foremost.

“Salsbury & Co. takes the devil’s advocate approach and doesn’t sugar coat, they tell you what you need to hear, not always what you want to hear,” Salsbury said. “The all-inclusive structure means businesses can have all their operational needs met with one vendor. And, finally, their belief is that consulting is not on ongoing solution.”

Salsbury said that her company develops the structure, implements and trains everyone so that after nine to 14 months, on average, a company “graduates” and consulting services end.

“Advisory options are always available,” Salsbury said. “However, Salsbury & Co. believes a business owner should be properly equipped to manage their business on their own for years to come. The majority of Salsbury & Co.’s clients start out with one service and grow to love working with the team so much that they bring in all their other needs to be managed under one roof.”

Salsbury & Co. is located at 1353 Officers Row, in Vancouver.



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