Mini Mozarts’ Preschool fosters creativity

The preschool works to foster the creative mind, body, spirit of each student

Kids playing music
The arts-rich curriculum at Mini Mozarts’ Preschool integrates music, dance, yoga and more. Courtesy of Mimi Mozarts’ Preschool

Education and creativity collide at Mini Mozarts’ Preschool in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

The performing arts preschool, which was founded nine years ago by Janet Lindsley, works to foster the creative mind, body and spirit of each student, while preparing them academically. The environment provides bright and spacious learning spaces that allows students to engage in unique hands-on activities. The arts-rich curriculum integrates music, dance, yoga and more. The school has two large classrooms, an art room, and a music and dance studio.

Lindsley explains that a passion for early education and music has been in her blood for as long as she can remember.

“Music and children have always been in my life,” Lindsley said. “I grew up singing and playing the piano, which were my first love. My mom opened her own daycare and I helped with that after school. I think I saw an opportunity to meld two things that I knew well, and I thought I could succeed at it. We have a child-emergent philosophy meaning we take the children’s interests and development into mind when developing curriculum.”

She explains that through their unique curriculum, children are learning communication and socialization in addition to fine and gross motor skills. This in turn, allows kids to gain necessary kindergarten readiness skills.

Kids creating art
The environment at Mini Mozarts’ Preschool provides bright and spacious learning spaces that allows students to engage in unique hands-on activities. Courtesy of Mimi Mozarts’ Preschool

“We are not performance focused but more interested in the creative development of the child,” Lindsley said.

Currently, Mini Mozarts’ has 60 students and six employees, and there are classes available ranging from two days a week to five days a week. In addition, there a variety of summer camps offered this year starting in June. Lindsley explains that she anticipates that her school will continue to succeed as families recognize the importance of joining arts and education together.

“People are beginning to see how important the arts are to the growing child and how even the schools are suffering when we take them out of the learning experience,” she said. “Arts also are a natural way that children learn and are almost a second language. If you can take the opportunity to ask a child about their art, they can tell you volumes about what they have drawn. It very much is a window into their little minds.”

The future of Mini Mozarts’ is as bright as the children’s smiles that show up to school each day. Lindsley shares that the school may consider expanding into the Academy Building located right next to their current location, and she is also hoping to start a preschool/kindergarten program next fall.

“Parents are realizing what an opportunity it is to have a school where academics aren’t the main focus for children who are just learning how to become a part of their little community,” Lindsley said.

Mini Mozarts’ Preschool is located at 404 E. Evergreen Blvd., in Vancouver.