Simpson Plumbing: Living the pipe dream

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Dale Simpson
Photo: Buck Heidrick
Simpson Plumbing was founded by Dale Simpson back in 1981, and has been family-run ever since. Simpson’s son, Brad, handles marketing and development for the company; Brad’s mom became involved as bookkeeper.

“My dad took up plumbing when he was a kid,” explained Brad. “[His neighbors] were plumbers and they always had more toys than him. Besides, he wanted to be a plumber.”

When asked how a family-owned plumbing business makes it in this tough economy, Brad said the family has tried to stay ahead of the curve with new technology, doing a lot of internet marketing and social networking.

“For the new customers it’s branching out and being in front of them, especially on the internet,” he said, while adding that word-of-mouth and referrals still rule the day.

Simpson Plumbing relies mostly on its service work, according to Brad, which consists of typical plumbing-related chores such as unclogging pipes, stopping leaky faucets, water heater repair and replacement, as well as full house re-pipes for customers with low water pressure from old, galvanized piping.

Brad Simpson
Photo: Buck Heidrick
While household repairs come and go, Brad said Simpson Plumbing’s main service is remodeling, where the key is to suggest layouts to clients that suit them for their functionality needs.

“We don’t just throw things in,” he said. “We really take a look at it and see what the needs are and assess the situation before we start a project.”

Whether it’s a remodel or an unclogged pipe, Brad said the family business shines its brightest with its commitment to customer service. That commitment, he said, helped Simpson Plumbing stay afloat during the recession. Of course, the wealth of experience throughout the family doesn’t hurt either, he added.

“A lot of other plumbing companies – they are used to doing what they are doing,” said Brad. “I probably have a better idea of what water heaters are out there that can be used in different applications than most.”

If there’s one thing the Simpson family can agree on, it’s that Southwest Washington is a great place to be a business owner.

Piping tools
Photo: Buck Heidrick
“The culture and the people in Southwest Washington – they are just generally nice overall,” explained Brad, “And so far a lot of them are very trustworthy. You don’t have a lot of lies or bad checks going through. They are really honest compared to some major cities where you would have some problems with that.” 

With that level of trust, Brad said, Simpson Plumbing has been able to do more for its clients.

“Customers are having a hard time right now,” he said with the recession in mind. “We really try to incorporate that into how we treat them with our pricing.”

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