Heating up the world of HVAC

Terry Eccles-Pettet

Recognizing the pattern of always “chasing business,” Harmon and his co-owner wife Brenda wanted to control their growth and direction.

“We’ve always been busy,” Harmon explained, “but we found ourselves kind of washed up in it. We wanted to concentrate on quality jobs where our superior service really has a chance to shine.”

Brenda dubbed the phraseology for their new direction – “The Spa Experience of HVAC.”

A hyper focus to the customer experience is the pervasive mindset at Tri-Tech. As with all changes, Harmon admitted, there are challenges.

“Change is tough. For the most part, it was well-received,” he said. “We shifted some personnel around, put employees where their strengths were. In the end, there were a few longtime employees who just couldn’t get a hold of our new culture and we had to part ways.

“It used to be that if someone could do the work, they were an employee I had to have,” Harmon added. “I have learned there is more to delivering high quality customer service than that. That was a hard lesson for me.”

According to Harmon, delivering above what is expected entails being on the forefront of technology. A greater focus on continuing education and training for his 20 employees has been a part of the company’s transformation.

With the shift in direction came changes to Tri-Tech’s look and marketing approach. Gone were the vans and signs that might have belonged to any other contractor. Tri-Tech’s bold new fleet and branding are an instantly recognizable black on orange.

“It’s funny,” Harmon said, “As soon as we changed our signage, we saw business pick up. People who had driven past for years stopped and asked if we had just moved in.”

While the company’s color scheme and branding has been front and center in their overall marketing approach, being a part of the community has become their primary focus. Local parades are circled all over their calendar, representing an opportunity to display their gleaming orange trucks and to mix in with their neighbors.

Tri-Tech’s attendance at trade shows has changed as well.

“At the Clark County Home and Garden Show, we nixed the marketing brochures and fireplace demos for just being present and visible. I think it worked, we had a great response,” Harmon said.

“It’s branding. People aren’t going to remember what fireplace you showed them. They will remember you and that you were there. That is what it is about,” he added.

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