Fairgate Estate offers elderly care in landmark building

The assisted living facility was known as the Fairgate Inn for nearly 15 years

Fairgate Estate
Perched high on the hill in Camas, Fairgate Estate was once known in the area as Fairgate Inn. Courtesy of Fairgate Estate

Perched high on the hill in Camas, Fairgate Estate was once known in the area as Fairgate Inn. Jack and Christine Foyt operated the inn as a bed and breakfast and popular wedding venue for nearly 15 years, but their daughter Jennifer Coriell had a different idea. She saw the landmark as an opportunity to create another service for the community: an assisted living center.

In 2014, the building was remodeled, and Coriell became licensed by the state to start the business. Today, she and her team are caring for senior residents from all walks of life.

Coriell, who works as the administrator and manager, shares that the private pay assisted living home has worked hard to offer attentive, personalized care to individuals that need assistance in their daily living.

“We strive for the best service possible so we keep our caregiver to resident ratio at a level that allows us to respond to needs quickly and to take the necessary time that people need – not just to complete getting dressed or bathed, but to build relationships,” Coriell said.

She explains that finding qualified and reliable staff can be challenging in this line of work, but Fairgate Estate has been fortunate to keep and retain a wonderful team. Several staff members have worked there for three years or more and they employ a staff registered nurse as well as certified nursing assistants (CNAs). The CNAs are diabetic delegated, and dementia trained. The staff also undergoes continuing education to ensure that requirements are met each year.

Coriell said she believes that Fairgate Estate has been a success so far because of their ability to support people.

“We have looked at how traditional assisted living facilities staff their settings and it just does not always work for those that need care,” she said. “How long is too long for people to wait after they use a call button? In our setting, the average response time is under two minutes. It is also a real fact that in our setting, the residents look to the care team as friends and leaders for their daily living.”

Fairgate Estate is planning an expansion to add five more suites in what was used previously as a reception hall.

“Whether it was the bed and breakfast or now the assisted living, the goal has always been to serve people – a concept that was so important to my mother and father when they operated Fairgate Inn,” Coriell said. “We have always strived to be service oriented and to impact the lives of those we serve in a meaningful way. Many people that I meet still say, ‘I went to a wedding there. We know how beautiful it is!’ And while the elegance and beauty remain, it’s the history of a family commitment to people that we are still honoring.”

Fairgate Estate Assisted Living Residence is located at 2213 NW 23rd Ave., in Camas. Visit https://www.fairgateestate.com/.



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