Evergreen Wine Cellar brings selection, service

Unique and upscale beverage shop opened in March 2008 with Pamela Robertson as owner

Evergreen Wine Cellar
Evergreen Wine Cellar is located east of the Hudson’s Bay neighborhood at 2608 E. Evergreen Blvd., in Vancouver. Courtesy of Brooke Strickland

Walking into Evergreen Wine Cellar, customers are greeted with wines from all over the world. With wines ranging from Old World to New World, wine lovers from across Clark County have come to rely on the one-of-a-kind selection that this small wine shop has to offer.

Located east of the Hudson’s Bay neighborhood at 2608 E. Evergreen Blvd., in Vancouver, the beverage shop opened in March 2008 with Pamela Robertson as the owner and head wine expert. Robertson shares that from day one, her wine store has been a small business that has put customers first.

“Evergreen Wine Cellar is well known for listening to its customers wants and needs,” Robertson said.

She goes on to say that one of their main reasons for success in the last 10 years is their ability to provide customers with the selection that they want.

“The biggest key reason (for success) is that customers know that we only bring in the best wines and can take orders to be exactly what they want,” Robertson said. “We care about the quality of our wines.”

Some of their most popular sellers are sparkling wines, big and heavy reds, and wines that are especially balanced. Evergreen Wine Cellar also has one of the largest selection of ports in town and Robertson said that she carries the most wine varietals, as there are many customers that come into the shop looking for special wines for wine dinners or other competitions that they are hosting amongst friends.

“They come here because when they buy their wine here, they always win,” she said.

Evergreen Wine Cellar is also actively involved in the community at large, and Robertson has done many wine tastings at various locations around the downtown area. She is dedicated to aligning herself with other businesses that offer complementary products, including Fleur Chocolatte, where they have done several special wine and chocolate pairing events for the public. Evergreen Wine Cellar also offers regular wine and food education classes, as well as wine tastings in the shop every week, so customers can head in to sample different wines and find one that suits their palate.

Robertson said that looking toward the future, she plans to educate people about the nuances of wine, continually planning special wine events to bring wine enthusiasts through the doors.

“Evergreen Wine Cellar is constantly researching wines that will bring the best quality and satisfaction to customers,” she said. “We see that special events, both small and large with food and wine pairings, and great customer service will take us into the decade.”

Evergreen Wine Cellar is open Tuesday-Friday, noon-6 p.m., and Saturday, noon-3 p.m., closed on Sunday.



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