The Beauty Box beautifies Clark County one client at a time

Salon and spa is dedicated to helping support small business within the community

Beauty Box
Courtesy of The Beauty Box. After a grueling remodeling process on the space that had many ups and downs, The Beauty Box first opened on Oct. 1, 2015.

When Shea Keavney first started working as a hair stylist 18 years ago, she didn’t know what the path to small business ownership would look like. After encouragement from her husband to lease a station at a local salon 11 years ago, which meant she got to set her own prices and own hours, she got the chance to experience what it was like to be in business for herself.

“That was my first taste of being in business for myself and I loved it,” Keavney said. “I knew I made the right decision from day one.”

Soon, she decided that she wanted to go to the next level in her career and that meant opening her own salon and spa.

Shea Keavney
Courtesy of The Beauty Box. Shea Keavney first started working as a hair stylist 18 years ago.

“I wanted a positive, supportive and unique place to work for myself and other stylists,” she said. “I wanted a salon that had multiple services – a one-stop shop.”

The idea for The Beauty Box was born and after a grueling remodeling process on the space that had many ups and downs, on Oct. 1, 2015, Keavney opened the doors for business.

Keavney said that she had built a very loyal base of clientele over the years and when it comes down to it, her business is really all about them anyway.

“I feel weird calling them clients,” she said. “We’ve been through so much together. I consider most of them my friends. Without them, I never would have been able to be a salon owner.”

Keavney said that her salon is dedicated to helping support small business within the community, and to help with that The Beauty Box offers leased stations to stylists. That means there are no employees, but each stylist works as a small business owner that is simply leasing a spot in the space.

“They are all independent, they make their own hours and their own prices, and they come and go as they please,” she said. “The people that work at The Beauty Box are friendly and really care about each person that walks through the door.”

When asked what sets The Beauty Box apart from the many other local area salons, Keavney said that one of the most obvious things that clients notice right as they walk into the salon is the vintage décor. She said that each station is made of vintage vanities that have been refurbished. Many of the other furniture pieces, including the coffee station and front desk, are made of vintage materials.

“We re-used and up-cycled as much as we could when opening the salon,” Keavney said. “It really is a unique and beautiful place to work.”

She went on to explain that another part of The Beauty Box that makes it different is its selection of professional hair and skin products for sale, including Loma hair products, which are locally made in Washington.

“We carry high-end products that you cannot just get at any grocery store,” Keavney said. “It is our mission to give our clients the highest quality products for their hair and skin.”

As for her future goals for The Beauty Box, the sky is the limit.

“We’re hoping that someday we’ll become a staple in our local community – a well-known salon with a reputable reputation that gives back to the community,” Keavney said. “Who knows, maybe one day we will be able to open a second location.”



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