From the List: Clark County’s Largest Nonprofit Organizations

What are the largest nonprofit organizations in Clark County? We ranked them by total expenses reported on IRS form 990 (2016) and categorized them as arts; community; education; emergency services; or health.

The top five in each category are:


Vancouver Symphony Orchestra: $619,129 total expenses (2016)
Columbia Dance: $317,688 total expenses (2016)
Magenta Theater: $151,656 total expenses (2016)


REACH Community Development Inc: $12,991,940 total expenses (2016)
Workforce Southwest Washington: $6,673,065 total expenses (2016)
Innovative Services NW: $5,610,786 total expenses (2016)
Humane Society for Southwest Washington: $4,531,242 total expenses (2016)
YWCA Clark County: $3,129,516 total expenses (2016)


Fort Vancouver National Trust: $3,943,990 total expenses (2016)
Courts For Kids: $1,138,501 total expenses (2016)
American West Vancouver Chinese School: $25,435 total expenses (2016)
Bike Clark County: $25,000 total expenses (2016)


Clark County Food Bank: $9,914,413 total expenses (2016)
Share: $6,953,254 total expenses (2016)
The Salvation Army: $2,431,516 total expenses (2016)
F.I.S.H. of Vancouver Inc: $1,492,486 total expenses (2016)
Janus Youth Programs Inc., Clark County: $1,691,636 total expenses (2016)
Trauma Intervention Program Inc: $298,882 total expenses (2016)


Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center: $222,954,729 total expenses (2016)
Community Home Health & Hospice: $23,295,248 total expenses (2016)
Lifeline Connections: $9,572,977 total expenses (2016)
CDM Caregiving Services: $6,559,970 total expenses (2016)
Free Clinic of Southwest Washington: $804,245 total expenses (2016)

To view the rest of Clark County’s nonprofit organizations, check out the September 15, 2017 edition of the Vancouver Business Journal. The list includes total revenue (2016), top local executive or board president information and more. Organizations that do not respond to list questionnaires are not included.

Individual industry lists can be purchased in Excel form by contacting the VBJ at 360.695.2442. These lists feature even more listings than what is in the print version.

Our 2016 Book of Lists is also available in print or electronic form here.