Project Roundtable: 2013 Vancouver Wine & Jazz Festival

Project Roundtable podcasts highlight projects, organizations or events that are making news in the local business community through an in-depth discussion with key players.

In this interview, we sat down with Michael Kissinger, Vancouver Wine & Jazz festival director; Karen Callen, the festival’s commercial exhibitors manager; and Heritage Bank marketing executive Brett Bryant.

Listen as we discuss what’s new at the popular summer festival this year, Wine & Jazz demographics and the relationship between event organizers and business sponsors.

Listen here.

Short on time? Skip ahead (min/second):

00:30 — What’s new at the Wine & Jazz Festival

05:30 — The new Thursday Education Night and Heritage Bank’s involvement

10:15 — Engaged sponsorships

14:50 — Commercial exhibitors growing in participation

17:15 — Festival demographics

19:00 — Regional representation

22:00 — The relationship between organizer and sponsor

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