This month’s slam dunk client said NO again!

Rick McPartlin

Why do those ideal suspects keep putting off the decision or flat out say no?

This post while focused on customers of startups is true for ALL potential customers.

The slam dunk customer already understands what you are selling and that if they did business with you they would execute better, faster and cheaper based on your research and white papers. The buyer understands and naturally thinks executing better, faster and cheaper makes sense so why no action or a no answer?

The article fueled by the brain of a Nobel Laurate bringing science to the challenge of converting the buyer who is doing well, but who with you would be a whole lot better.

This is important because those motivators sellers rely on more often than not are not motivators to the buyers.

In “Revenue Science” language those buyers on the left side of the BellCurve (early adaptor types and those seeking a compelling or strategic problem solved) have different motivators than suspects in the center of the BellCurve and on the right side.

Any selling organization who does not align with the buyer is going to fail or have to count on being lucky enough to be selling something the buyers are already looking for. It is that seller who just lucks out to be in the right place at the right type that keeps the myth going that sellers know what is best for the buyer and that the buyer who is doing fine needs to and will change direction to give money to the seller in hopes of doing better.

Read the post, dump the seller focus and focus on buyer’s problems you bring value to in order to compel a long-term partnering relationship. Or just HOPE you are in the right place at the right time with the right product and then be surprised when the second product fails.

The result of buyer focus will be the buyer comes to you and their answer is YES!


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