Sponsored Email Marketing

Looking for another great tool to reach B2B decision-makers in Southwest Washington?

A VBJ Sponsored email is the answer.

A VBJ Sponsored email is your chance to showcase your message to our opt-in Just Business subscriber base of 2,000 affluent business decision makers.

For the last five years, our Just Business emails have consistently achieved an open rate of 30% which is considerably higher than most industries of open rates ranging from 14% to 21%.

Sponsored email example

VBJ Sponsored emails:

  • Contain 400 words
  • 1 photo or graphic (maximum width of 600 pixels)
  • Includes link button
  • Can include hyperlinks in text

Price: $300

To schedule a Sponsored Email or if you have questions, contact:

Thomas May •tmay@vbjusa.com •360.951.5300 or complete the form below.

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