Paying it Forward: Nikki Duke

Volunteer of the WeekName: Nikki Duke

Current employer or place of business: President and CEO of Creekside Homes; providing affordable luxury homes for families through decades of incessantly testing the best of methods for helping young Clark County families to build places called home.

Organization(s) I volunteer with: YoungLife of Clark County and the Building Industry Association of Clark County is where I spend most of the time I give.

How I got involved: YoungLife became a backbone for my being involved while I was in high school. YL had such a strong impact on my early life, because it’s a “party with a purpose” as YL says. It’s a celebration of God’s love for all of us. My faith is a strong reason for being involved – and staying involved. I love living in purpose. 

Why I give back: Most of us have heard about giving time, talent and treasure. My best talent that is away from building is event planning and fundraising for purpose-driven nonprofit organizations. Time is an extremely valuable gift – not only for me, but for all people who volunteer. If YL paid all of the volunteer leaders at minimum wage for just ten hours of work weekly through the school year, Clark County YL volunteers would earn roughly $47,000 together as a group each year. God gives amazing gifts to each of us and I am glad to share and receive these gifts through volunteer work. Interested or want to know more? I can help introduce you to YoungLife of Clark County at 360.852.2035 or via email at The website is

Proudest moment as a volunteer: The 2015 YL banquet was amazing. It was more like a night out than a fundraiser. Because anyone who organizes events knows how hard is can be to get people to come, we were proud to re-create something more like a really fun wedding reception complete with the band in the barn-like venue. As a volunteer organizer, I helped the YL to reach people who wouldn’t normally hear about their message. I was honored be a part of that.

What local challenge or issue are you most passionate about? I am passionate about helping young families achieve housing. Getting to know many people in banking as well as meeting other community leaders has helped me to better formulate how I can professionally enable myself for greater giving. The Building Industry Association offers programming that brings forward issues for young builders and those who work in the building industry. I’m currently volunteering to assist that effort.

Just for fun: What are your hidden talents? Fun means family for me. I have a two-month-old and a two-year-old child, and with the support of my husband, parents and many, many people as well as the grace of God, I get to have fun every day building houses. I hope to be an example for other women in the future who want to make a difference in their community.

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