Paying it Forward: Lisa Schauer

Volunteer of the Week

Lisa SchauerName:  Lisa Schauer

Current employer or place of business: MacKay Sposito

Organization(s) I volunteer with: Children’s Center; H-ROC; Empowering Women; Clark College Marketing Advisory Committee; Helen Baller Elementary.

How I got involved: I first got involved in the Southwest Washington community through Swift. It was a wonderful way to get involved. When I began volunteering with Swift there was one paid staff member and therefore the organization survived on volunteers who were willing to work. So for a young member of the community who had time and talent to give, but not much treasure, this was a great fit. Through Swift I was introduced to numerous nonprofits. Swift taught me the value of a working board. And lastly, Swift also connected me to other professionals, many of whom have become very close friends.

Why I give back: I strive every day to demonstrate my gratitude for the life I live by giving back to others and hopefully impacting their lives positively. I truly believe it is my responsibility to give back and I take this responsibility seriously. I also want to demonstrate to my daughter, through my actions, the importance of giving to others. In a fast paced “me” world, it is easy to concentrate on oneself rather than to focus energy on others.

Proudest moment as a volunteer: There have been so many moments I am proud of but I would say my proudest moment this year has been seeing the families and staff move into the Children’s Center’s new, beautiful building. This has been the culmination of years of planning, persistence and patience. Because of our community’s generous support, a dream 15 years in the making came true!

Over the summer, I walked into the center and saw a woman showing her son their family’s name on the wall commemorating their financial commitment to the Children’s Center and they both beamed with pride. It was a happy moment.

What local challenge or issue are you most passionate about? Mental health and its impact on children and family is extremely important to me. As a child who was abused, my scars were not visible to others. I am certainly not unique. The Children’s Defense Fund’s Annual State of America’s Children reports that 1,825 children are abused or neglected each day in the U.S. In order to build our community’s next generation of leaders, we must ensure they have the mental and physical support they need.

There isn’t just one challenge or issue that I am most passionate about, but I spend my volunteer time focused on children and women.

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