Paying it Forward: Larry Stafford

Volunteer of the WeekStafford, LarryName: Larry Stafford

Current employer or place of business: Clark County

Organization(s) I volunteer with: Most recently I’ve volunteered with Pacific Soccer Club, Watch D.O.G.S. and the Association of Local Government Auditors.

How I got involved: My whole family was involved in the small town where I grew up. Helping your neighbors and community was simply a part of life. Being involved in Clark County just seemed natural when my wife and I moved here 16 years ago. Typically, I got involved when someone I knew mentioned a need or I read about an issue. The more formal volunteer positions I’ve had often developed from professional relationships and associations.

Why I give back: Helping each other and volunteering makes a community a great place to live. This is felt as much by the people giving their time as the people receiving the help. Also, I’ve been able to enjoy a wide variety of experiences like helping replace an old barn roof, serving on the Battle Ground Planning Commission, awarding grants to teachers, and working with kids.

Proudest moment as a volunteer: I don’t really have a particular proudest moment. However, the most rewarding is seeing a child’s confidence grow as they begin to understand their potential.

What local challenge or issue are you most passionate about? Youth development and educational opportunities.

Just for fun: What are your hidden talents? I can play the guitar a little bit and I’m pretty good at drawing three dimensional pictures of buildings.

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