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Jon Scott

Current employer or place of business: Executive Vice President at Phoenix Industrial Inc.

Organization(s) I volunteer with: Boys and Girls Club of SW Washington on their board, and Courts for Kids on their board.

How I got involved: My friend Charlie Kleier is on the board and he introduced me to the cause. I took a tour of one of the facilities and got hooked.

Why I give back: You can sit around and do nothing, or you can help the greater community. I have the time and the means to give back, so I do. My wife and I also want to set a good example and send a positive message to our kids to appreciate what they have and help those who are less fortunate. My wife does a lot more volunteering than I do, including at the Clark County Food Bank. It is an important value we hold in our family.

Proudest moment as a volunteer: Every year the Boys and Girls Club of SW Washington has a luncheon at one of their locations. Some of the kids give testimonials on how the program has positively affected them in areas such as college prep, a safe place to go after school, etc. Hearing how the program has positively impacted them and made such a difference in their life is my proudest moment. Seeing these kids go to college, in part because of the great work of the Boys and Girls Club, is a great feeling.

What local challenge or issue are you most passionate about? I am most passionate about any issue or challenge having to do with kids. Kids have such potential. Unfortunately, some of them are victims of circumstances. I want to be able to help them play, learn and grow.

Just for fun, what are your hidden talents? I am really good at fidget spinner contests and every now and then I break out some moves on Just Dance.