Vancouver USA Regional Tourism Office backs creation of multi-use stadium

The Vancouver USA Regional Tourism Office Board of Directors today announced that it is in support of the proposed multi-use stadium at Clark College that would become the home of the Yakima Bears baseball team.

“The addition of a minor league stadium will be a great asset for the community, will draw in additional visitors and tournaments and will offer additional recreational activities for folks to enjoy while they are here,” said Carla Rise, chair of the Tourism Office board.

The board said it is taking a neutral position on the funding and details of the admissions tax, leaving that to the elected officials to work out the specifics.

Earlier this month, the Board of County Commissioners and owners of the Yakima Bears agreed to invest more time developing details for financing a multi-purpose stadium in Vancouver. As a result, a public hearing scheduled last week to consider a proposed tax on admission charges for baseball and certain other entertainment venues was postponed. 

“We have made substantial progress on a very exciting and extraordinary opportunity,” said Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart. “We’re close to a fully funded proposal, but not close enough to go to hearing. It’s better to get more points nailed down.”